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paul westmoreland
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Are there any PL/SQL people here? Please let me know, our client is looking for an Oracle developer (in Austin, TX) who has a number of years under their belt. Please email me for particulars (paul.westmoreland@rocservices.com).

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Merene Gomez
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I am a software professional haveing 2 years of experience in visual basic/oracle application development and also have hands on experience in installations,maintanence,and administration of Windows NT network and oracle database.
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I am a software professional haveing 3 years of experience in visual basic/oracle application development and also have hands on experience in installations,maintanence,and administration of Windows NT network and oracle database.
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Baiju A
26,Railway Border Road

Mobile:91-44-98410 85659

Experience Summary:

A total of over 3.9 years of experience of which 1˝ years in Developing Applications using ASP 2.0, Actuate Basic, Java Script, VB Script, HTML 4.0, DHTML 4.0, XML, XSL, Oracle8i and 1˝ years of experience in Java and advanced Java programming and nearly 5 months in VC++ and having 2+ experience in Oracle DBA.

Worked as a Service and Maintenance Engineer in Aeronautical Field.

Academic Profile:

Graduate in Mechanical Engineering.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.

Advance Diploma in Computer Applications.

System Exposure:

Operating Systems : MS-DOS 6.22 , Windows 95 , Windows NT

Languages Known : JAVA (RMI , JDBC , Socket Programming, JFC
(Swing) , Servlets) , C++ , C , HTML , DHTML
Actuate Basic , ASP , XML , JavaScript ,VC++

Application Server : EJB(Web Logic)

RDBMS : MS-Access , MS-SQL Server 6.5 , Oracle 8i

DBA : Oracle 8i

GUI : Java Applets , VB 5.0 , Oracle Forms 6i

Tool / Utilities : JDK 1.2 , Internet Explorer 5.0 , Netscape 4.5 ,
Visual Cafe , Java Web Server , i Planet WebServer

Professional Experience:

Worked in Ark Technologies Pvt. Ltd , Bangalore as a
Software Engineer from July '98-Jan '2000.

Working in 7 Technologies , Madras as a
Senior Software Engineer from Feb '2000.

Project Details:

1.Title : Service Planning System
Client : KOM7 Technologies Pvt Ltd
Duration : March ‘2000 - tilldate
Team Size : Four
RDBMS : Oracle
Responsibilities : Analysing,Designing and Client and Server Side Coding


Service Planning System is a product which can be used by any servicing organization like Manpower consultants,Courier companies etc.Basically there are three types of users who will access the website-Supervisors,doers and the customers.A supervisor can create,monitor and maintain jobs in the system and can also assign doers for different jobs and follow up as necessary to ensure completion of the jobs.
Doers will be allowed to login and view the jobs assigned to them.They will also be allowed to update certain details of their jobs thru the net.Customers can view the details of the commencement of the job,the resource who has been allocated to do the job and end datetime of the job

2.Title : Call Analysis
Client : Logical Design Solutions, USA.
Duration : 3 Months( Mar ‘2000 - May ‘2000)
Team Size : Five
RDBMS : Oracle
Environment : JavaScript , HTML , Actuate Basic
Responsibilities : Server side programming


Call Analysis is a product being developed for Logical Design
solutions.This product aims in storing and generating analysed report.
Basically call analysis is a e-report generation for analysis of calls
based on customised client requirements.So primarly this product keeps track of the details about the calls made by the clients inorder to analyse the calls and improve the service.The report generation process is implemented in actuate language with the help of Actuate Server and Actuate Report Engine.Actuate engine makes the report generation easy.Java Script is used for client side validations for date range, Month range, Telephone numbers. This product uses oracle as the repository.
Reports generated includes Day of week Report which reports busiest day of the week and busiest hour of the day, Monthly trending report which report total calls made and total cost for a given period, Cost Range Report which reports the calls made for given cost range. Areawise Call Reports gives the total calls made from a particular area.From number summary which gives details about a particular billing telephone number.Both numerical and graphical chart reprsentation of the above reports is also provided.

3.Title : Euro Hospitality Network
Client : KOM7 Technologies,Denmark
Duration : 3 Months (June ‘2000 - Aug ‘2000)
Team Size : Four
RDBMS : Microsoft SQL Server
Responsibilities : Client Side & Server sideProgramming


The web based application euro hospitality network is developed exclusively for Hotels,hotel schools,industry professionals and suppliers alike.If an end user is an industry professional, graduate or students, He can post his résumé and search for the job.The user can check out what is going on at Europe´s hotel schools and select among aspiring candidates for entry positions and internships.A campany can display their company profile, post job vacancies and choose among Europe´s best candidates for a position in their company.

4.Title : Voice Mail Systems
Client : Ark Technologies Pvt. Ltd , Bangalore
Duration : 3 Months( Oct '1999 – Jan ‘2000)
Team Size : Four
RDBMS : Microsoft SQL Server
Responsibilities : Server and Client side implementation
Environment : Java ( Swings, JDBC, Servlets )


It is a Web Based application where in voice (. au format) and also textcould be sent across the network. It is similar to ordinary E-mail system but you have an added advantage of transmitting even the voice over the network. Theuser can log on to the designated website where this application is present and check for any mails (either text or audio format).
If a person wants to use this application, he can register his name & password apart from his details regarding last name, place, telephone etc. A registered user should type his name and password if he wants to send mails or look for any mails addressed to him. He can also store the addresses of the persons who have sent mails to him.
The front end is a rich GUI developed using Swing Components. Client is a Java Applet. The Server side was implemented using Servlets. The database used is MS-Access.Server side GUI also is created using swing components. Server makes connection with the database using JDBC-ODBC Bridge. The client employs pplet-Servlet-Database connection as a means to communicate with the database in the server side.

5.Title : CMS
Client : Ark Technologies Pvt. Ltd , Bangalore
Duration : 5 Months( Mar '99 – Aug '99 )
Team Size : Eight
RDBMS : MS - Access
Responsibilities : Server side implementation
Environment : Java ( AWT, JDBC , Socket Programming)


On line Call Management Service was developed for the ease of the customer to register any complaint and prompt service by the customer support division. It was developed using Socket programming. The client side GUI was designed using AWT. The database housed at server side , basically IIS in MS-Access. The communication between client and server side application was accomplished by implementing socket connection.
The customers are basically of three types i.e, Members , Non-Members but who has bought system from the company referred to as Non-Member buyers and third category includes Non-Member who has not bought system from the company referred to as Per Call. Non-Members are provided with a facility to become member by signing in to avail benefits like bi-annual payment and other schemes as and when offered by the company.
Upon registering a complaint at the designated web site ,all the three categories of customer are given a unique complaint-ID which they can use to see the status of their complaint on-line. Upon satisfactory service provided to the customer an invoice is sent online and payment is made by the customer by cash, cheque or DD on or before the esignated time depending on their category as a customer.

6.Title : OMDC
Client : KTI Inc, USA
Duration : 4 Months( Aug '98 – Jan '99 )
RDBMS : MS - Access
Team Size : Eight
Responsibilities : Server side implementation
Environment : Java ( AWT, JDBC , Socket Programming)


Omni Data Connect(OMDC) is basically an information gathering, viewing and updating systems of an employee of a particular company and their relevant details. The main objective of the project was to convert an existing OMDC system developed using Visual Basic and MS-Access to a system using Java and MS-Access then making it Web enabled using Socket Programming.
The Server Side application uses a parallel server, which has time slicing approach. The Server application has to be always up for the clients to connect. The Client side application is invoked by entering the address of the HTML page in the designated web server. First login screen appears which prompts for name and password. Upon successful authentication the main screen appears which is basically an applet. Initially it shows the available plan-ID's and prompts year and month.
Upon entry of the same and double clicking on a particular plan-ID , all available transaction with related data is viewed on the screen . Further a double clicking on a particular transaction, the data related to the transaction is viewed in its corresponding format. Alternatively data of a particular transaction can be directly navigated using the Toolbar in the main screen. Communication and data passage between client and server application is accomplished by Socket Programming, which is not only reliable and continuous but also very fast.


Date of Birth : 10-12-1972.

Sex : Male

Marital Status : Bachelor

Nationality : Indian

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