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Intermittent 0313 error [message #100894] Mon, 09 February 2004 23:55 Go to next message
Etienne LAUR
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I Have an VB6 application running with Oracle 8 Database.

This application works fine on the LAN, but there are intermittent 03113 errors when trying remote connexions.

Server : W2K;Oracle8

Client : W98,WXP


      (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = = 1521))
      (SERVICE_NAME = bacmre01.ca12)

sqlnet.ora :




trace file :

nsrdr: got NSPTDA packet

nsrdr: NSPTDA flags: 0x40

nsrdr: normal exit

nsdo: entry

nsdo: cid=1, opcode=85, *bl=2037, *what=0, uflgs=0x0, cflgs=0x1

nsdo: nsctx: state=6, flg=0x620c, mvd=0

nsdo: gtn=143, gtc=143, ptn=10, ptc=2048

nserror: entry

nsdo: error exit

nsdo: nsctxrnk=0

nsdo: error exit

nioqer: entry

nioqer: incoming err = 12151

nioqce: entry

nioqce: exit

nioqer: returning err = 3113

nioqer: exit

nioqrc: exit

nioqds: entry

nioqds: disconnecting...

Have you an idea about this problem ?


Re: Intermittent 0313 error [message #100899 is a reply to message #100894] Wed, 11 February 2004 03:01 Go to previous messageGo to next message
Mahesh Rajendran
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if you are not using any of those tracing and authentication services,
comment all entries in sqlnet.ora and try again,
Re: Intermittent 0313 error [message #100900 is a reply to message #100899] Wed, 11 February 2004 04:04 Go to previous messageGo to next message
Etienne LAUR
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I've added those tracing services in order to find the problem. So without the tracing services, there is exactly the same problem.
Re: Intermittent 0313 error [message #101461 is a reply to message #100894] Tue, 12 October 2004 06:17 Go to previous message
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any luck in resolving this issue?

what do you mean by remote?

i'm looking at similar issues, with no fix/resolution.

It is a VB6 application that functions on a typical wired windows based desktop but we are trying to use a wireless laptop. after some idle time, say 20 minutes, the connection is dropped or lost. The trace logs show:

[[07-OCT-2004 11:32:41]] nioqper: error from nioqrc
[[07-OCT-2004 11:32:41]] nioqper: nr err code: 0
[[07-OCT-2004 11:32:41]] nioqper: ns main err code: 12547
[[07-OCT-2004 11:32:41]] nioqper: ns (2) err code: 12560
[[07-OCT-2004 11:32:41]] nioqper: nt main err code: 517
[[07-OCT-2004 11:32:41]] nioqper: nt (2) err code: 54
[[07-OCT-2004 11:32:41]] nioqper: nt OS err code: 0
[[07-OCT-2004 11:32:41]] nioqer: entry
[[07-OCT-2004 11:32:41]] nioqer: incoming err = 12151
[[07-OCT-2004 11:32:41]] nioqce: entry
[[07-OCT-2004 11:32:41]] nioqce: exit
[[07-OCT-2004 11:32:41]] nioqer: returning err = 3113
[[07-OCT-2004 11:32:41]] nioqer: exit
[[07-OCT-2004 11:32:41]] nioqrc: exit
[[07-OCT-2004 11:32:41]] nioqbr: entry
[[07-OCT-2004 11:32:41]] nioqbr: state = normal (0)
[[07-OCT-2004 11:32:41]] nioqsm: entry
[[07-OCT-2004 11:32:41]] nioqsm: Sending break packet (1)...

I've tried enabling SQLNET.EXPIRE_TIME = 5 in the sqlnet.ora of the database server to have it probe for dead connections.

I haven't found anything googling "oracle wireless"

I'm thinking the problem could be the wireless adapater, maybe the wireless access point, or even something missing or modified in the mobile-laptop-processor.

finding and fixing the issue is difficult.
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