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Replication with spatial data. [message #75318] Mon, 10 February 2003 21:19
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Hi to all the gurus of oracle replication out there. Being new to Oracle and currently i am assigned to do a replication of the production database which handles spatial data. There is a few question i would like to ask and some problems to sort out.

Here is my scenario:

1. I am using Mapinfo to upload all the spatial datas into Oracle (9.0.1).
2. As far as i know, after uploading the spatial data, a new schema will be created called Mapinfo with the table Mapinfo_catalog. This table stores the name of the table and its schema as well as its bounds and projections.

Here are my questions:

1. After a table with spatial data has been uploaded, a spatial index will be created (eg. LOT_SX). However the spatial index cannot be replicated with the following error message

ORA-02055:distributed update operation failed; rollback required
ORA-06550:line 1, column 109:
PLS-00306:wrong number of arguments in calls to 'ODCIINDEXGETMETADATA'
ORA-06550:line1,column 102:
PL/SQL:Statement ignored
ORA-06512:at line 1
ORA-06512:at"SYS.DBMS_METADATA_INT",line 4369

2. If the table(XYZ) has been replicated, i manually create an index an spatial index for the table (no replication is done on the index), will there be any problem when there is updates in the tables. Do i need to recreate the index again on the replicated tables?

3. I have replicated the tables and the schema in which the spatial data are involved and the mentioned Mapinfo schema with its table. What other schemas, tables, views, etc i need to replicate as well.

Any replies, helps and info are welcomed.

Thank you in advance.
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