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Let me start out saying I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to drop this. It seems right, but I'm a noob.

Right now I'm working through 365 applictions for my company and trying to find out what is supported is a bear. With Oracle it's nearly impossible. I've narrowed it down to a couple of things I'm hoping someone can help with. I know, dumb questions, but this is my first time so be gentle. Smile

Oracle Client(s):
The versions I've been given are 9.1, 9.2, 10i,,, 10g 10.1.2 and 11g.
From what I've gathered, the client lives in the ODAC, but I can't find anything that tells you whether the ODAC is supported under WIn7 x64. I'm burnt on this one. After dozens of searches I haven't found one reference. Can anyone help here?

Oracle SQL*Plus:
I know this is a command line interface that can be used for direct commands or scripts. I believe it comes as a part of the database and/or client package. I just have not seen any reference to it on Oracle's website or anywhere else.
The versions I've got are about the same as those for the clients above. Can anyone clear this up?

Again, apologies if this is off topic and GREAT THANKS to anyone who can help me out here.

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Barbara Boehmer
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The bad news is that you need to purchase Oracle support to view the certification matrix. The good news is that you can figure out what is supported by viewing the download page:


Oracle 10g and 11g are the only currently supported versions. Oracle 9i is outdated. The 9i, 10g, and 11g are the versions. The first number after the decimal indicates a release. So, Oracle 11g release 1 is version 11.1 and 11g release 2 is 11.2 and so on. The additional decimal places indicate updates that include patches to fix bugs and such.

Within each version, there are editions, such as Express Edition, Personal Edition, and Enterprise Edition. The Express Edition is smaller and includes Apex. The Personal Edition is larger and has more features and the Enterprise Edition is the largest with the most features. Apex can be downloaded separately for the larger editions that don't automatically include it. Licensing requirements vary.

When you download the database, you automatically get the SQL*Plus interface with it. You can download just the client with SQL*Plus separately to access a database. It is best if the versions match. You can access different database versions from different client versions, but for some features you will be limited to the features of the lower version.

If you are installing on Windows, Windows Home is not supported. You will need to upgrade to at least Windows Professional.

I currently use Oracle 11g Release 2 ( Enterprise Edition with SQL*Plus and Apex on Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.

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you need to purchase Oracle support to view the certification matrix

Which is, in my opinion, rather stupid. First you have to pay in order to find out which Oracle version is certified/supported on which operating system. I'm sure you remember, it was until couple of years ago, certification matrices were accessible even without a license, and that was great for anyone who was in doubt, such as "I have MS Windows XP Professional. Which database can I install on it?" or "I'm interested in Oracle 11gR2. Is MS Windows Server 2003 certified with that version?"

I'm too dumb to figure out what made those people move these matrices behind the My Oracle Support great wall.

As of SQL*Plus (et al.), just in case you (raystargazer) didn't know it, Oracle documentation is available (for free!) on http://tahiti.oracle.com. Search for any version you're interested in. My favorite documentation page is 10g R2 one, with its "Most popular" and "Getting started" sections on the left. If you pay a closer attention, you'll notice quite a few tabs on the top of the page. One of them is the "Books" tab, which lists ALL books available for this version. Navigate to it; you'll find SQL*Plus User's Guide and Reference somewhere at the bottom of the list.

The same goes for other versions - find the books, you found them all.
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This is GOLD! Grin Thank you very much Barbara and Littlefoot! I have a dozen or so database engineers to pursue for information and they don't even have this much. I'm sure we have support contracts and all, but finding who has access is not something I've been able to accomplish yet. This info is exactly what I was looking for.

From my experience it's no easier in any other database company or support software company. I've gotten raked over the coals in a bunch of them, but if you pursue it and you're level headed eventually you can find someone who'll give you an answer. Most times it's helpful. Wink Why they do this is understandable in most cases. One place I called was adamant about telling me unless we had a contract. Since we're up to date and you need the contract for that I have to assume we have it somewhere, but I never addressed that with him. We did a couple of emails and even though he didn't say so, I figured out HE was the company. lol. I'm thinking his staff is maybe three people and he's struggling to stay alive. I have no malice to these people if they address me professionally. Sadly there was at least one who did not. In that one I ended up spending a long time on the phone with the director of software engineering (again I'm guessing a CEO/CIO/Director position) who was pretty polite. I addressed the issues I had with his peoples professionalism and explained that the word does pass from one forum or company to another when this happens. He was apologetic with some caveats, but we both left feeling satisfied, and I got my information. Cool

Thank you all agian! This is great!

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Oh, and just for the record, I agree it's stupid to dump on your potential customers (or even current ones) by not telling them what version work with the OS platform they have. I can't see ANY proprietary information or benefit to the end user here except that they might be inclined to upgrade or purchase that product. IOW, it's always more conducive to making business decisions when you see a smiling helpful face.

Just my 2ยข. Grin


Thank you again.(this time spelled correctly)
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